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wpg_weddings's Journal

Winnipeg Weddings
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A community for brides & grooms planning and having a Winnipeg wedding!
This is for all the brides & grooms in Winnipeg planning their wedding. Talk about it, ask advice, swap info on vendors, etc. If you're not shy and you've got pictures, well, flaunt 'em ladies & gents! Certainly never killed anyone to have a peek.

Just be respectful of other people and their ideas.

Some helpful sites:

The Knot - probably the biggest site out there, no specific Winnipeg info but lots of stuff on etiquette, ideas for cakes/centrepieces, etc

Offbeat Bride - For the brides who do it to the beat of their own drum, this is for you! Pictures of offbeat weddings as well as interesting advice from the site's founder in little vlogs.

Indie Bride - Kvetch; rather large forums for the indie and feminista brides. Etiquette, etc.

Weddings in Winnipeg - Lists some vendors in Winnipeg. Includes information how to obtain your marriage license and who can perform the ceremony in Manitoba.

Wedding Bells - Canadian wedding resource. Some vendor information. Some reviews of vendors in Winnipeg in the Prairie forum section.

more to come!

Your moderator is: polkadots. Questions, suggestions and comments can be directed to her.