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Hey everyone and congrats!

I'm attempting to organize a wedding without paying through the nose. Right now i'm trying to figure out a reception venue that is inexpensive but perhaps doesn't look terrible. I know that's a bit to ask for but i'm totally up for suggestions. I'm finding that the hotel route is a little pricey.

My mom said to me when i started this that weddings are a lot like travel: you can go the all-inclusive route, it is more expensive but you don't really have to worry about anything and much less stressful. Or you can go the backpacker route which is harder and more stressful, but cheaper and can be more full-filling.

so yeah, help!


Hey folks

I'm looking for a someone to make four bridesmaid dresses, and I was wondering if anyone here knew of any good sewers. I have a pattern and the fabric (they're pretty simple cotton sundresses) but I'm having a terrible time finding anyone available.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


Hello Winnipeg Brides!!

Where have you registered? What has your experience been with this? We're looking to register for everyday gifts like dishes, cutlery, etc... not fine china or anything.

Apparently some people find it offensive to register for shower gifts... but isn't it easier on the guests to just go and pick up something from the list? Personally, I'd rather get a gift that I know the couple would like... what are your thoughts? 

just got engaged!

Im so happy I found this!

anyway, I just got engaged over the holidays but unfortunately my fiance lives out in Calgary. We will be getting married here in Winnipeg though.

Does anyone have any tips on planning a wedding when your fiance lives in a different province?

Stolen from Kittendivine

Country Wedding....A troft full of beer, live alt country and a texas BBQ...

Name: Mandy
Wedding Date: August 29, 2009
Bride/Groom/Other: Bride
Age: 29
City/State/Country you're getting married in: Clearwater,  MB
Wedding Colors: Ivory, Sage Green, And fall tones (sunflowe yellow, burnt sienna)
Number of guests: 140 ish

Ceremony: In a field overlooking a valley

Found my dress at David's Bridal in Fargo. It's a beauitfiul, simple spaghetti strap, empire waist gown...delicate bead owrk aroung the waist and around the necline and straps. It was the first one I tried on, it fits like a glove, and it cost me $100!

Bridemaid Dresses- I've picked a color...sage green. they can pick the style, but it's prett casual. We have a very small wedding part and cances are both Bridesmaids will either be pregnant, or one will have just had a baby...so I pretty much just want them to be comfortable, and not spend too much money on something they may or may not wear again.

Invitations... My Fiancee found the print-it-youself kits on sale at staples for $15 for 50 invites (they were regular $150 for 50). Now we just need a decent printer...They're pretty simple, Ivory with some disign around the top & bottom. My maid of honor has offered to paint a sunflower on each (our flowers are sunflowers...fall/harvest theme)

Photography: I used to be a photographer...so I have a few connections. My cousin is very talented and is doing the formal/ posed and ceremony shots. Other than that I have 3 photo buddies coming with their camera equipment... all very talented candids.

Decorations...My Mom is in charge of this. She's creative and is aware of our colors and what I have in mind...

Flowers: Sunflowers, Prairie Grasses & Barley

Sunflower Cupcakes! Made by our best man's wife!

 Hair & Make up: Apparenltly there is now an Aveda salon in a neigbouring town...I have long think hair so I'm thinking half up and long loose curls.

Music: Candor Shop is doing the musice & Adrien Sala is doing a live alt country set.

As far as accommidations go, it's pretty slim pickins' where we're at. We booked a B&B in the area, with a cabin in the attic. It has an ensuite hot tub. Yay!

So many little details to plan....

Kids or No Kids?

I know this is easily the touchiest topic about weddings.

Would you mind sharing why you are or are not having children at your wedding? If you are not, how are you or will you deal with this issue?

I love children. I work with children. I want to have my own children soon after we get married.  However, if I included children in our wedding, that would be easily an extra 50 dinners to provide, and our venue is set for no more than 80 people. I cannot invite some children and not others, and so I'm bracing myself for the inevitable issues that will ensue once we tell everyone.

Aside from cost and size issues, I really don't think some weddings are events for children. The cost of dressing them, and having to make them be quiet during the ceremony is stressful. I would hate to have a bunch of children bored to tears on our big day, because they absolutely would be. We're having a formal wedding. I am hoping that the parents will be excited for a nice night out. However, I know many will be upset. We learned from day one that we cannot please everyone, and at the end of the day, it is *our* one and only wedding.

Personally, from experience both as a child being forced to be quiet and bored at formal weddings, and as an experienced childcare worker, I would rather hire a babysitter (or a family member from the side who is not involved in the wedding!) and have my children be comfortable at home watching movies and eating a special treat of pizza rather than have them fussy and uncomfortable at a function. I also know if we attend weddings in the future, that my future husband and I would probably be dying for an adult night out. But, apparently not everyone agrees, and I am going to have to deal with a lot of family being upset.

So... what are your thoughts and experiences?


It's only been three weeks that we've been engaged, but I am really organized and like getting things done!


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Engaged... now what?

I'm going to borrow the idea of another poster, as it was a damn good idea. :) I don't know how else to do an intro for this, anyways.

Name: Michelle
Wedding Date: We're thinking September 2009
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 26
City/State/Country you live in: Winnipeg
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Winnipeg
Wedding Colors: I'm thinking blues and maybe purples... Though I'm sure this will change during the planning process.
Formality: As impossible as it sounds, I want a simple, yet elegant wedding.
Theme (if you have one): I don't think so...
Number of guests: 100ish
How'd you meet your fiance?: On Canada Day, 2005... at the Osborne St. Festival. :)
How long have you been together?: Nearly 3.5 years now...
Do you have a personal wedding website?: No


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Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for places to go for a Honeymoon. We've got about $3000 for the honeymoon and so far we've been thinking maybe Lake of the Woods or Vancouver.

Does anyone have plans for their own honeymoon, or had places that they went that were really great?


Wedding Registry

Hey All,

I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend some good places to register? So far all we've come up with is The Happy Cooker.

Thanks for your help!