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Hello everyone! I recently found my dress (slightly over budget...). This dress can be found at Helen's or Stella's bridal salons in Wpg. If anyone has a store credit or gift cert. they would like sell, please contact me. Thank you in advance!


I'm looking to put together a wedding in less than three months.. and I'm looking for a wedding planner. Help! Does anyone know a good, affordable (i.e. cheap but fantastic) wedding planner?

I'm selling a $250 Gift Certificate to Stella's Bridal Galleria that I previously received from a wedding show earlier this year. Since I never got a chance to use it, it's yours for $100! Let me know if you're interested in purchasing this, or if you would like to have it. There's no expiration date, and you can use it anytime! :)


Hi Everyone!

Wondering if anyone has used a photographer named Dustin Leader... Any reviews? Good? Bad?

Thanks in Advance!

Aug. 17th, 2009

Hey Winnipeg Weddings,

I hope all of your wedding plans are going great.

I just wanted to warn any of you that are looking for photographers NOT to go with Rygiel.

This photographer was far and away the most stressful part of my wedding. He didn't return my phone calls or email prior to the wedding, he played shitty Top 40 music during the photo shoot, despite my asking specifically that he not (he actually turned the stupid music back on after one of my wedding party turned it off), he bullied me and my fiancee into taking photos with girls dressed up like strippers, he made us late for the ceremony because he wouldn't stop taking photos, he parked in the middle of my driveway so that none of my elderly relatives, or I could get past (it was also raining), he tried to photograph very personal moments even after I asked him not to, and since the wedding he has been unbelievably uncommunicative. It's been 2 months and I still haven't received any photos.

So, yep. Please don't go with Rygiel!
Dear Winnipeg Weddings,

Is it customary to provide a seat for the photographer to eat at the reception?


I've never even been to a wedding....

And now I find myself having one.  Me and my boyfriend (now fiance) got engaged a week ago. We've been throwing ideas around and I have a few questions about a few things.  We're thinking of having our wedding (which we've dated as October 9th, 2010..close to that last posters:P) at Assiniboine Park or at Kildonan Park.  Now I have a few questions such as what process do we have to go through to be able to have the wedding there, if we pick a spot does it get reserved, we'll probably need a permit so how much do those cost and how long do they take to process? If anyone coiuld help us with this that'd be great.  Also, I have no idea where to have our reception. We don't need a big place since we're only having 50 people at our wedding and i'd love it if it was fairly cheap and if the place catered.  Last question, I've heard mixed things about bridal salons and I just wanted a few opinions from people that are in the midst of doing it or have done it.

Now that I've rambled on, I'll thank everyone ahead of time...thank you!

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Hey everyone! 

I've been engaged for a few months and we've finally decided on the date (Oct 9, 2010)! I'm super excited even though the thought is overwhelming. I personally thought I'd never have kids or have a husband....how silly of me!

We're having an October wedding and we're unsure if it will be too cold to have an outdoor ceremony? We both really want it done outdoors but we're worried about our grandparents and our very young son freezing. So do you think it's too chilly in early October to have an outdoor wedding?

Also do you know anyone who has had a wedding at the WAG? We're thinking that's where we want to have it done since it's beautiful and central! Any stories about it? 


So long, farewell!

Hello, darlings.
last post, I promise.

I just wanted you to wish the very, very best from the bottom of my heart. I genuinely hope all of your weddings in this fine city go PERFECTLY, as I am sure they will. I love you all!

Your new mods are:
and white_turtle

Treat each other well, darlinks!

May. 30th, 2009

Ladies adn gents!
It has been a looooong time and I think that this community could be grand.

Two points of bidniz:
a.) I'm not getting married anymore.
b.) I am not going to be living in Winnipeg anymore.

This makes me redundant. Boo. Anyone want to take over? :)